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massage photoReflexology

$60 per session
A session lasts approximately 45 minutes

Using massage techniques and pressure applications on the feet, reflexology helps stimulate different areas in the body. It can aid in bringing you balance and well being, helps stimulate the body's natural elimination systems, and is a great relaxation treatment.

What to expect

The therapist needs access to your feet and lower legs. It is recommended that socks be removed for the treatment. Treatment is generally done while you are lying down and relaxed on a massage table. It can be done seated in a chair if that is preferred by the client. You will need to fill out a health form upon your initial visit. A light oil mix will be used during the treatment. You will experience mild pressure on a variety of areas on your feet during the treatment. Reflexology does not hurt when practiced properly. After a treatment you may experience an increase in bowel activity.

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