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photo of reiki treatment

$70 per Session
A session lasts approximately 60 minutes

Reiki is a holistic, energy treatment that works to rebalance a client's natural life force energy flow (ki). Heather is trained in Usui Reiki and uses a non touch method. Reiki works with conventional treatments and is not meant as a replacement for doctor recommended treatments.

What to expect
A treatment is generally done while lying on your back on a massage table. You can remain fully clothed but removing restrictive items of clothing is recommended (such as socks and belts).

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Save! $150 for three individual treatments! Buy a 3 treatment package and redeem your treatments at any time.
Treatments can be all the same therapy or you can mix and match. Cannot be used for combination treatments.

Combination Treatments

photo of qi drop and reiki treatments

Reiki & Qi Drop combo
A 60 minute session including a full Qi Drop treatment and a mini Reiki session. $80

photo of reiki and facial treatments

Reiki & Mini Facial combo
A 90 minute session including a Mini Facial (cleansing, toning, honey mask treatment with mini face and shoulder massage) and a Reiki session. $90

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